Administrative Documents for Garments Industry

Administrative Documents

List of File Name (as Sample or Format)

  • Maternity Bill Format & Covering Letter for Garments Industry] 
  • Format for salary certificate 
  • Latest Summarized attendance report 
  • Certificate of Clarence 
  • Inquiry Letter 
  • Resignation Letter - [Download] [Single Protect for Member]
  • Age Verification Certificate 
  • Application for Case No 
  • Bio Data for worker
  • Contract Letter for Worker 
  • Copy for Final Satelment Bill 
  • Death Certificate / Increment Letter 
  • Interview Sheet [General]
  • Interview Sheet [Sewing Operator]
  • Increment Letter
  • Hand over & taken over Letter
  • Joining Letter
  • Letter of Undertaking for Executive
  • Maternity [Declaration Letter]
  • Maternity Leave
  • Oarishan Certificate 
  • Resignation Letter (Modern)
  • Unauthorized Leave Letter 
  • Worker's  Technical Test Checklist - [Download] [Single Protect for Member]
  • Office order for Promoted Officer
  • Office order of New Joining Officer
  • Office order of Officer Inter-transfer
  • Officer for New Join Executive [JPG & PDF]
  • Application for Road Cutting Letter
  • Stop Payment Letter
  • Withdrawal of Stop Payment
  • Testing for drinking water [Download

Diciplinary Action Format []
  • Sample of Standard Showcause Latter
  • Inquiry Notice (Set a inquiry Team )
  • Inquiry Report to Management
  • Sample of Suspend Latter
  • Warning letter due Reply of showcause letter
  • Direct warning letter with Fine [Non Compliance Practice] [Download]
  • Advertisement about Employee Appointed
  • Application For any opportunity
  • Chalan Form [Any Bill]
  • Format for Case Letter
  • General Dairy [GD]
  • Job Description [Bangla]
  • Job Description [English]
  • Sample Format of Student (Textile/Garments Intern Ship) Certificate
  • Unauthorized Absent letter of Staff  [Download]
  • Advance Application [Format]
  • Bill Format [Special Any Bill]
  • Complain letter
  • Covering Letter for CV
  • Interransfer letter (Bangla]
  • Notice for Compliance audit
  • Notice for Eid Closing
  • Notice for Ramadan
  • Organaization Chart
  • Prayer for Photocopy Machine
  • Prayer for Tarmination Benifit
  • Promotion Letter of Staff
  • Regularization Apponitment for Employee
  • Regularization Apponitment for Staff Officer
  • Requisition for any office equipment
  • Requisition for Attendance Card Print
  • Yearly Inventory List  [Download]
  • Daily overtime sheet (Finishing)
  • Daily overtime sheet (Sewing)
  • Final bill
  • Final Bill with service Benefit
  • Increment Letter
  • Increment sheet with assessment
  • Organ gram of Administration
  • Supplimantery salary bill [Download]

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