It is reported against you as under:

  1. That on______(date) at about________(time) while on duty, you in combination with others, deliberately slowed down the work in a concerted manner and instigated Mr.B & C to adopt ‘go slow’ tactics. You further threatened Mr. D who did not want to follow the suit.

  1. That while you prior production was_____ per day, your production on ________ and thereafter has been deliberately brought down to______ which is much below the normal production of a worker of average efficiency.

  1. That the above acts/omissions on your part are highly objectionable being prejudicial to the interest of the company, which has to compete with other efficiently run enterprises.

  1. That despite repeated advice not to adopt to ‘go slow’ tactics, by your superior/superiors, you did not adhere to the actual norms of production, you have been maintaining earlier but instead, kept on idling away your time.

  1. As a result of your ‘Go Slow’ tactics and instigating others to slow down the work/production has considerably gone down, resulting into loss to the company.

  1. The above acts on your part constitute major misconduct under certified standing orders no.______ and no._____ of the company applicable to you.

You are hereby required to submit your explanation, if any to this charge-sheet within 3 days from its receipt failing which it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer and the management will be free to take any action that may be deemed proper in you case.



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