Various Letter

Appreciation Letter

Dear (Name of the candidate),

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your very active involvement _________(Reason) . The Chairman and Board Members have also asked me to pass on their sincere appreciation for your efforts in supporting us with the undertaking.

Again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation in our conference. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it was without your presence.

Best Regards,

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)


Rejection Letter

Dear (Name of the candidate)
I regret to inform you that your recent application for the Head of Security position at __(Name of the company) was unsuccessful.

Although you met all of the mandatory minimum qualifications for the position, the Interview Board chose a candidate with considerably more experience than you currently possess and also whose skill set Matches closely with the current profile we are looking at . I am  here to convey thanks for your candidacy .
On behalf of ____(Company name) I thank you for your interest and effort, and I wish you all the best in your future career endeavors.

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)

 Apology Letter

Dear (Name of the candidate)

The purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced last month with respect to ____(Cause of Inconvenience). We continue to be committed in reaching your expectations. Once again , Let me convey my sincere apologies concerning this and also would see to it that this would not happen in future .

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)

Appointment For Interview

Dear (recipient’s name),

Thank you for your application regarding the position of (job title) at (company). We are impressed with your qualifications and would like to meet with you to have a round of Discussion . Please come down to our office and take an interview any time between __ A.M to __ P.M .  Should you have any queries ,please feel free to call me _____(Mob Num) and reach me at (your Email ID) .

We look forward to meet you soon at our Office.

Best Regards,

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature

New Employee Introduction

Hi All

Please extend your warmest welcome to (name). (name) will be heading up our (department) division and is excited to begin in this capacity. He comes to us with more than (number) years in…(Industry) . She would be reached at (Corporate Email ID). Request one and all to extend your warm look upon her .

Best Regards,

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature


Extending Job Offer

Dear (recipient’s name),

We are delighted to have you be a part of (company). As discussed in your interview, we are offering you the position of (job title) your starting salary will be ___ per Year. The Break-up for the same will be provided on your Date of Joining Please acknowledge your Interest as a reply to this Email and Mention us your Date of Joining .

An Early response to the same is highly appreciated.  Look forward to have a amiable Association with you .

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature .

Birthday Congratulations

Dear (recipient’s name)

Wish you a Happy Birthday ! We hope that you have a great year and accomplish all the fabulous goals you have set. May the coming years be filled with happiness, peace, and love.Have a Great day ahead .


_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature

HIKE Letter

Dear Employee,

We are glad to inform you that your CTC/salary is being revised to __________________. The break up of the same is as follows:

Flexi Benefit Plan:
PF Contrbution:

The other terms and conditions of the appointment remains the same. Looking forward for a greater performance.

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature


HIKE Letter II

Dear Employee,

We take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution towards(Name of the company)_________________performance in (Year)_______. Your efforts towards helping the company achive its strategic goals are appreciated.

Your performance for the year _______ has __________ and has been evaluated as ___(Rating). Consequently, your annural compensation has been enhanced as shown below wef ________.


Fixed Cash Component(A)
Flexible Benefit Pan(FBP)
Provident Fund(PF)
Cost to Company
VariableCash Component(B)
Performance Bonus
Other Allowances(D)
Total Yearly Compensation (A+B+C+D)
Group Term Life Insurance
Group Personal Accident Insurance
Group Mediclaim Insurance

We look forward to your continued contribution that would enable us to work together as a team and scale grater heights in the coming years.

We wish you all th best for your future endeavours and contributions to our organization.


Dear Mr. /Ms,

We are very happy to inform you that you have been promoted as (designation)with effect from (due date). In accordance we hereby revise your Gross Salary as Rs    /-.Other terms and Conditions remain the same as per the appointment letter.

Kindly sign and return the duplicate of this letter as a token of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

With best wishes,

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature


To Whomsoever it may concern

This is to confirm that Ch.Sudheer is working in (Company) as (Designation) . As per the company’s record, His services were effective since (Date of Joining) . Also would want to confirm the current address of (Name of the Employee) as  “ put the Adressas per company’s Employee Records .


Human Resources
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature


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